Launched on 20/09/2017

END x Fracap M120 Heronimo Boot 'Evergreen'

Green Suede
Suited both to the mountains and to everyday life
One of the most beautiful places on Earth, the forest tells a story of many wonders. From the tropical rainforests of the Southern hemisphere to the lush canopies lining continental coasts, no other place showcases the natural diversity of life like an evergreen rainforest. Home to breath-taking landscapes, our planet’s lungs can feel like another world; a towering giant in the bitter winters and blistering summers. Inspired by land where humanity and nature collides, walk the earth with the Evergreen M120 Heronimo Boot beneath your feet.

A boot suited both to the mountains and to everyday life, the soft suede ‘Green Abete’ is offset by a cloudy Vibram® sole unit underfoot – alluding to the persistent fog that drifts up from the humid lowlands. Matching the masculinity of the great outdoors, a sturdy Guardolo Zig Zag Natural welt mirrors the rough timber standing strong and tall. Driven by generations of quality and a passion for detail, evergreen hues breathe life into the structure of the box; like Pine needles spiralling around a branch, a suede string tie closure secures the recycled packaging.

A product made with social responsibility, the collaboration highlights sustainable consumption and its effect on the one of the world’s most important resources. Climate change is turning up the temperature, and threatening our undulating green landscapes, one of the planet’s most verdant adventures. Living harmoniously, the END. x Fracap ‘Evergreen’ M120 Heronimo Boot is rooted in practicality and substance with a conscious outlook to one of nature’s greatest wonders.