Nike ACG Watercat+
Phantom & Light Orewood

Launched on 06/12/2023

Product Launched
Not all cats are afraid to get wet!


Not all cats are afraid to get wet! Sportswear giants, Nike presents these shoes as the latest addition to your footwear collection, the ACG Watercat shoes are made with a quick-drying Watercat+ material on the uppers that encases your feet allowing you to go into the water’s edge. Inspired by woven shoes and given a wicker weaving that’s made for summer, these shoes are given a thick rubber sole that’s moulded to the shape of your foot. The base of the shoe is given undulating lugs to add more grip on wet, slippery surfaces. Go against the current with these shoes as the perfect vacation pair.


Cord Upper
Drawstring Lace Closure
Leather Heel Tab
Rubber Outsole
Printed Branding<
Style Code: CZ0931-002